America’s Cup




      (pronounced “America Cubed”) is the name of both a racing yacht and syndicate that vied for the

America’s Cup

      in 1992 and 1995.

The program was operated by Bill Koch and Harry “Buddy” Melges in the 1992 America’s Cup. After winning the Challenger Series, America3 defeated the Italian challenger Il Moro di Venezia to win the Cup.

In 1995, Bill Koch revamped the program to begin the first all-female, America’s Cup boat. America3‘s successor, Mighty Mary, was on its way to the 1995 America’s Cup, in the lead of the last race of the Defender Series over Stars & Stripes. But with a commanding lead of nearly 5 minutes, Dave Dellenbaugh (the only man on the otherwise all-female crew) committed a crucial tactical error and Stars & Stripes skipper Dennis Conner made a series of moves to beat Mighty Mary to the finish line by scant seconds. After winning the Defender Series, Conner opted to use the third syndicate that year, Young America, to defend the cup, losing to Team New Zealand, 5-0.


2007 BMW Oracle

The oldest trophy in the world of sports is back in Europe after 150 years. The heart of the 32nd edition of the America’s Cup beats in Valencia. These start with Louis Vuitton Act 1 in Marseille, August 2004, which will finally place the “Port America’s



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