Nautical Gifts And Nautical Theme Decor

Decorative Ship Wheels 

ship wheel with brass handles

3D Lighthouse Steps Architectural Model

nautical home decor

Michelangelo had several models made during his lifetime. Discovered
in an attic and newly restored, these models are now a main attraction
at the Vatican Museum. Architects over the centuries have made models
to check details in 3D and help clients understand dimensional more

Admiral’s Brass Sundial Compass 4

nautical interior decorating

The Hampton Nautical Pocket Compass is truly a great gift to any nautical scout in your life. This 4” in diameter compass is a solid brass and features a solid brass shell and face.Press the push button to reveal the compass. The compass needle is accurate, quick and responsive. The cap can be closed at any time. read more


Americas Cup Mobile Sailboat Models

sailboat model

Four colored J-Yacht miniatures made of solid wood and cotton sails. Ever so graceful, even at this size the miniatures are authentic. read more

Andrea Gail 16″ – The Perfect Storm

wood ship models

Inspired by the fishing boat Andrea Gail, made famous following its loss in the “Perfect Storm” of 1991 and memorialized in the movie starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, this is a fine-crafted model fishing boat replica. read more


Antique Copper Ships Propeller Clocknautical gifts

This Antiqued Copper Ships Propeller Clock 18″ is the perfect addition to nautical theme decor. For those looking to spruce up their room, add our antique copper ship’s propeller clock to compliment a bedroom set, mirror or other nautical more


Art Horse

nautical gifts

Art is forever, life is short is the Latin expression. This from an age when art was considered a learned craft for the talented. When ateliers were filled with articulated art models and plaster casts of classic sculpture. read more


Authentic Models Hourglass on Stand

nautical home decor

Collectable because of their combined historical and practical value. Some glasses measured up to two hours, used at a time when church pews were designed by the Inquisition to torture the human back. Ship’s hourglasses were calibrated to the half hours of the ship’s watch, and if the helmsman didn’t turn the glass too early it actually doubled in defining longitude. read more



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