History Of HMS Surprise Frigate

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HMS Surprise (replica ship)


 HMS Surprise Under Sails sourcetall-ship-hms-surprise-37

History Of HMS Surprise

HMS Surprise was a 38-gun frigate of the Hebe class of the Royal Navy, although all these Fifth Rate frigates were re-classed as 46-gun under the general re-rating of February 1817, from when carronades on the quarter deck and forecastle were included in the rating. She carried a complement of 284 officers and ratings, and a primary armament of 28 eighteen-pounder guns on her upper deck, with 8 nine-pounder guns (and 6 32-pounder carronades) on her quarterdeck and 2 nine-pounder guns (and 2 more 32-pounder carronades) on her forecastle.

The Surprise was ordered on April 10, 1809, and her keel was laid down at Milford Dockyard in Pembrokeshire in January 1810. She was launched on July 25, 1812, and sailed round to Plymouth Dockyard to be completed. Fitting out took place between August 9th and December 1, 1812, and she was commissioned in September 1812 under the command of Captain Sir Thomas John Cochrane…

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