America’s Cup “Atlanta”

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Atlanta 35 Limited001

“Atlanta” Model Yacht

In 1881, Cuthbert, one of the most famous competition yacht builders of the era, built the “Atlanta.” This was the second attempt for Canada to try and win the America’s Cup. The “Atlanta” flew the burgee of the Bay of Quinte Yacht Club and was the first sloop rigged vessel to race for the America’s Cup.

On August 4th, 1883, “Cora,” defender of the Fisher cup, won the Cup again against “Aileen” and “Atlanta.” Four days later, Captain Cuthbert asked Chicago to waive the thirty-day challenge time limit for another race. A race was immediately sailed and “Atlanta” won the twelve-mile triangle race, which would bring the Fisher Cup to the Bay of Qunite Yacht.

In the winter of 1883-1884, Cuthbert designed and built another sloop, modeled after “Atlanta” for John Bell. This sloop, named after Bell’s daughter, “Norah” won the Fisher Cup on September 17, 1884.

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