We tend to focus a lot on the details of nautical decorating around here. Now, it’s time to give a bit of a twist. If you’re inspired by the sea than why not bring home a day at the beach?

Not literally, of course. I’m talking about beach decor.


Well, while nautical decor is primarily about recreating the atmosphere of sailing the seas, beach decor is about recreating a day at the beach. This may seem obvious if you have a beach house, but you can bring that beach vibe home with you no matter where you live. It’s not quite the same as a day at the beach, but you can still add a little inspiration to your day.

To get started I’d recommend going with something casual and playful.


By asking yourself this question you will figure out a bit more about the kind of beach vibe you want create. Do you want to be reminded of sipping colorful drinks on the beach or going to your favorite Hawaiian beach bar?

There are plenty of bar oriented options if you want go this route, but if you don’t want to go all the way with this kind of theme you should probably skip it all together.

A great alternative would be go with something about relaxing on the beach. There are oars for the wall, wooden plaques with flip flops and plenty of inspiring sayings. This will all help you add that beach vibe to your home without looking like a big drinker.


The last thing to consider is what you collect on your own. As great as posters and oars are, a jar of personally collected sea shells may be the final touch you are looking for. But don’t stop with seashells. The next time you’re at the beach, get creative and start collecting anything that seems interesting. Why not get together friends and family and see what they come up with?

Now that you have your theme, a few interesting art pieces, some entertaining signs and a personal collection of beach findings you can put it all together in one place and make yourself an inspiring beach room that will make feel like you’re at the beach even when you’re not.


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