What do you think of pirates?

Pirates play kind of a strange cultural role. On the one hand, there are real pirates today that evoke international outrage when they hold people for ransom. But we also have fantasy pirates that capture our attention at Halloween (well, in the US at least) and star in films that attract cheering children and adults alike.


Well, today I’m going to be talking about the fantasy pirates.


What I’m referring to as fantasy pirates are actually an idealization of pirates in the Caribbean during the 1700′s. This era is referred to as the golden age of piracy due to the large amount of active pirates.

These Caribbean pirates came in a couple different varieties.

This fantasy pirate image we have today is primarily based on buccaneers. These are the people out taking over ships at sea and looting whatever they could get their hands on. Totally illegal, but highly profitable.

There were also semi-legal pirates called privateers. Basically, these were private replacements for governments lacking the military force they needed. They were hired to go out and capture enemy ships and got to keep a large chunk of the loot in return for their service.


One of the best nautical decorating options are model ships. That’s where pirates come into the picture. Why not consider a model pirate ship?

Usually, a model ship commemorates a great military victory or other historically significant event. Pirate ships are no exception. Piracy in the Caribbean was an era that played a large role in our history and model ships portray this era.

Pirate ships also have a certain beauty to them. Beyond the standard beauty of ships from this era, the pirate factor will make this ship stand out. It will give your nautical theme a bit of intrigue and make it a little edgy (well, as edgy as nautical room can be). People will wonder why you chose a pirate ship and it can lead to interesting conversations.

So, if you find yourself drawn to the notion of a model ship, why not think outside the box a little bit and go for a pirate ship?


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