Stancraft Speedboat Replica Model


Stancraft Missle Speedboat Model Replica


StanCraft Wooden Boat Company was founded back in 1933 by W.H. “Billy” Young and his son Stanley C. Young. Stanley later married Delores and had three children Joyce, Syd and Bruce. The company was originally built on the shores of Caroline Point, Flathead Lake in Lakeside, Montana. It was Flathead Lakes 1st boat building factory. The business was later purchased by Stanley’s oldest son Sydney H. Young and his wife Juliette in 1970. In the early 1980’s Syd & Julie and their two daughters Sydney and Amy moved the company to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where they continued to produce custom built StanCraft boats along with providing general repairs, restorations, maintenance and storage for their clients. Being the second generation, one of Syd’s main focuses in the late 1990’s became redesigning boat bottoms to achieve better performance and provide a more enjoyable ride. Today StanCrafts are not only sought after for their beauty but also for their buttery soft, level ride.


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