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History Of Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge


Queen Anne’s Revenge was the name of the pirate Blackbeard’s infamous flagship, used by him for less than a year but an effective tool in his prize taking. He was said to have gone aground in 1718 in the ship in Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina. In late 1996, Intersal, the private contractor working for the state of North Carolina in marine recovery, discovered the remains of a vessel there which people believe is likely to be Queen Anne’s Revenge.


Originally named Concord, the 300-ton vessel was built by Britain in 1710. It was captured by the French a year later. The ship was modified to hold more cargo, including slaves, and renamed La Concorde. The slave ship was captured again by the pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold on November 28, 1717 near the island of Martinique. Hornigold turned the ship over to one…

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