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History Of RMS Titanic

    The RMS  Titanic, a British Olympic-class ocean liner, became famous as the largest ocean liner built in her day and also for sinking on her maiden voyage in 1912 with a huge loss of life. The second of a trio of superliners, the Titanic and her sisters were designed to provide a three-ship weekly express service and to dominate the transatlantic travel business for the White Star Line. The Titanic, and her sister ship the Olympic were introduced to the world in a New York Times article on April 23, 1908, almost four years before the sinking.

Built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland, the Titanic was the largest passenger steamship in the world at the time of her sinking. During the Titanic‘s maiden voyage (from Southampton, England to Cherbourg, France, then on to Queenstown (Cobh), Ireland and finally New York City), she…

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