Russian-Ukrainian Port Of Sevastopol, Ukraine

Sevastopol Ukraine city bay view photo

Sevastopol, one of the most famous cities in the world, was founded in 1783 as a military base and a fortress on the southern boundary of Russia. It became an intersection of interests between the Christian and Muslim world, namely Europe and Asia. Having been closed during the Soviet period, Sevastopol was reopened in 1993 for international passenger and freight service.

Sevastopol Port is located on the southwestern part of the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea coast. Sevastopol is geographically advantageous as it is located in a unique non-frozen bay (closed from storms and winds), surrounded by 12 countries within a 600 km radius-just a short distance to Istanbul.

Sevastopol is also an important centre of marine biology research. In particular, studying and training dolphins has been conducted in the city since the end of  World War II. It was first conducted as a secret naval program to use the animals for special undersea operations.

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